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Tours are completely free. They will run whatever the weather – we’ve even been round Canary Wharf in the snow – and however many people come – we’ve done tours with two, we’ve done tours with seventy five…

We’re usually fully booked in advance, and we can’t accommodate unlimited numbers, so please use the buttons below to ensure your place on a tour. This also means we know to wait for you if you’re a little late!

Eventbrite - December Canary Wharf Tour
Eventbrite - December City of London Tour

 Future tours (bookings open after preceding tour’s completion):



Saturday 3 Jan, 2pm

Saturday 7 Feb, 2pm

Saturday 7 March, 2pm



Saturday 17 Jan, 2pm

Saturday 21 Feb, 2pm

Saturday 21 March, 2pm


Canary Wharf:

Thursday 22 Jan, 7pm

Thursday 19 Feb, 7pm

Wednesday 25 March, 7pm


Alternative recommended tours:

East End Walks - “Tours through radical times and places – East End Walks specialise in organising historical walks of London’s East End:  an area in which successive waves of immigrants have helped make London what it is today. There are several different walks that reveal the fascinating social and political history of this unique part of London”. Highly reccomended!