Occupy London Tours is a free walking tours collective, run by volunteers, who want to throw open the secretive world of finance and politics for all to see. The tours are designed to be informative, entertaining and – most importantly – accessible. We believe that anyone is capable of understanding and challenging the financial industry and the its impacts on society. The tours offer a critique of the status quo without being politically affiliated
We are not professionals: neither professional tour guides, nor professional economists.
We are ordinary people who seen the effects of financial crisis in our lives and our communities – and want to do something about it. Developing these tours has been a process of self-education, and we hope that we can share some of what we’ve learned with others.
We’re not connected to any political party, we’re not going to try and sign you up for anything or tell you what to think. All we want to do is start a conversation, and while we have our own opinions, one of the best things about the tour is the range of different viewpoints that people bring along. The tours we enjoy most are the ones that develop like a conversation, not a monologue – so please come and join in!
Yes. It’s not a lecture. It’s not a protest (well, that depends who you're asking we guess). It’s a tour. One of the problems with the way that finance is talked about is that it seems to happen up in the air, outside of place. We want to start conversations about it in the places where it happens – the places that, as London residents, we can see from our windows and walk past every day. Our tours are thoroughly researched so you can expect plenty of hard facts, but we try not to make it too heavy – there’s lots of lighter moments along the way. You don’t have to know lots about politics or economics. We’ll adjust the tour depending on who comes along. And often the most interesting things you’ll learn will be from other people on the tour

To offer a free and entertaining eye-opener into the world of global finance and London’s place in it, focusing in particular on relationships between high finance, the political class and political institutions and the impacts on the everyday lives of ordinary people.

To encourage wide public engagement with important economic and political topics often under-reported or placed off-limits by mainstream education, media and culture.

To inspire people to take further interest and action in alternatives to social and economic injustice.